Secondary seal

Secondary seal



  P-type seal
P type seal could fulfill most application environment. One p-type seal ring could resist of 5000psi working pressure, two seal rings could resist of 10000psi working pressure.
●  FS-type seal
Fs-type seal is a non-injection seal, do not need maintenance either. One fs-type ring could resist of 3000psi working pressure, two fs-ring could resist of 5000psi working pressure.
●  CMS-type seal
CMS is a metal seal which been used in high corrosion and high pressure working condition, the working pressure could high up to 20000psi.
●  NXB-type seal
NXB-type seal is a common seal structure, which could meet with most working environment and be chose by custom. One p-type seal could resist of 5000psi working pressure.


●  Material Class:AA ,BB,CC,DD,EE,FF, HH

●  Temperature Class:K ,L,N,P,S,T,U,V,X,Y

●  Product Specification Class:PSL 1,PSL 2,PSL 3,PSL 4

●  Performance Class:PR 1,PR 2

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