Steel Structure Building

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1. High structure stability. The lightweight steel structure building is made of lightweight steel structure inside as skeleton, joining by bolts and nuts, which completely meet the stablity of structure requires. so that it can endure over8-earthquake and resist the hurricanes in which the wind speed can reach 50meters/second.

2. Construction fast finished. In general case, a team of 12 workers can finish building one 3000m2 workshop in one month upon the arrival of all material, very much faster than the other traditional construction method. Especially, Weather has little influence for construction. Except some days of extreme weather, like heavy rain and snow, construction can always be carried out, so it can be continuously constructed through a whole year.

3. Low cost and long service life span: the light steel structure is very popular in constructions nowadays, the most important point is that it has lower cost than the others. For comman one, it only costs about USD 56~80 per square meters.


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