HA Hydraulic Actuator

HA Hydraulic Actuator



●  Manufactured for emergency shutoff valve (safety valve) for X-mas tree.
●  All the safety valves are designed with FG or FGS structure but with opposite valve plate holes, the safety valve is under automatic failure shutdown mode, and use wellhead control panel to close wing, main bore and downhole safety valve by sequence.
●  When the X-mas tree is under unattended situation of fire, unexpected high pressure or low pressure, it will shut off X-mas tree, and ensure safe oil production.
●  The hydraulic actuator for safety valve is opened by hydraulic oil and closed by spring reset.
●  Suitable for valve size: 1-13/16”~6-3/8”,Pressure range: 2,000~20,000PSI;
●  Hydraulic cylinder diameter: 3”, 5”, 7” ,Operating pressure: 3,000~6,000PSI;
●  Product specification level: PSL2
●  Performance Requirement: PR1 and PR2



●  Bore:1-13/16”~7-1/16”
●  Pressure Class:2000~20000psi
●  Material Class:AA ~ HH
●  Temperature Class:K ~ V    X / Y
●  Product Specification Class:PSL 1~4
●  Performance Class:PR 1、2

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