Orifice type Choke Valve

Orifice type Choke Valve



●  Orifice type choke valve is installed with two valve plates with holes, and uses handwheel to adjust the hole opening size of valve plate for flow regulating. The valve plates are coated with nickel-base alloy with high wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and can seal 0” bore.
●  Extended wear sleeve structure applied for the inner hole of the outlet side to increase service life.
●  Replaceable sub adapter structure applied for the outlet side, very convenient for replacement and connection between different pressure and valve bore.
●  Non-rubber sealing design.
●  Special packing seal applied between stem and bonnet, can operate under 20000psi.


●  Bore:1-13/16”~7-1/16”
●  Pressure Class:2000~20000psi
●  Material Class:AA ~ HH
●  Temperature Class:K ~ V    X / Y
●  Product Specification Class:PSL 1~4
●  Performance Class:PR 1、2

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