SM Expansion Type Gate Valve

SM Expansion Type Gate Valve



●  Full size oriented design
●  Expansion type valve plate applied, can establish mechanical seal with valve seat with/without pressure.
●  Metal-metal seal tech applied between valve seat and bonnet, valve plate and seat, valve body and seat.
●  Valve plate, seat, stem and other parts are easy to replace at site.
●  Easy to maintain, operate, corrosion resistance and extend service life.
●  Suitable for multiple actuators.



●  Bore:1-13/16”~7-1/16”
●  Pressure Class:2000~20000psi
●  Material Class:AA ~ HH
●  Temperature Class:K ~ V    X / Y
●  Product Specification Class:PSL 1~4
●  Performance Class:PR 1、2

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