Monorail Hosting Groups

Monorail hoists are produced for the purpose of carrying and loading materials on a smooth or curved line. They are produced as fixed if requested. Monorail hoisting groups are produced between 250 kg – 10 tons as standard but, we also produce monorail hoists over 10 tons upon customer request.

Monorail hoists are used in small enterprises and production factories to transfer materials and, to withdraw materials to the buildings. Monorail hoists are designed to require for less maintenance.

Assembly and disassembly is so easy.

Technical features:

  • Gearbox with oil-bath
  • Electro-magnetic disc brake
  • 6×36 wrapped hemp cored steel rope
  • Gearbox material – cementation steel
  • Rope tambour – steel extrusion pipe
  • Hoisting-lowering limits with tour switch
  • Right- left limit switch

Types and Technical Specifications:

hoisting group table

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